About Us

Hi! My name is Antoinette. I’m inspired by all things magical in this world of God’s creations so you’ll find that my prints reflect that! Art & animation, nature & outdoors, movies & music, the list goes on! I love the olden days, so vintage everything is my jam. Many designs probably reflect that as well. All designs are created by me unless otherwise specified in the listing.

I’m a new mama, artist and Pediatric ICU nurse. I started my online selling journey several years ago selling my paintings on Etsy and it progressed to clothing and accessories with my digital art. I’m blessed to have a husband who helps me run my shops smoothly. We make a pretty good team.

My cloth diaper journey was inspired by my cousin who introduced me to the modern cloth diaper. Thanks, Bri! I’m affectionately called “granola mama,” “hippy dippy,” and “tree hugger” by my closest friends. I wear those labels proudly because it means I’m doing my best to improve the health of my baby, family and the environment around us. Now I hope to help other mamas do the same.